Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X – A 3 month follow-up

- July 20, 2013

In April I wrote about how I was excited to test out the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x..  In this post I explained everything you need to know about the Tria.  I ended the post by saying, “I look forward to charging up my new Tria and giving it a try.  I’ll let you know in three months if it is worth the $449 price tag.”

Well, it has been 3 months and I can’t wait to say…..”IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!”

I actually wanted to tell you this last month but thought I would wait until July.  As I mentioned in April, after coming off of spironolactone I was experiencing more hair growth on my chin area than usual.   I am happy to report that the hair is pretty much vanished.

It hasn’t happened overnight, but I can say by 8 weeks I noticed a huge difference.  It takes longer than a typical in office hair removal.  The laser isn’t as strong.  But to have the convenience of being able to do this at home at really a fraction of the cost of multiple in office visits, is amazing.

My first question to someone who tried the Tria would be, “Does it hurt?”  I worked my way up to the highest level setting.  I used level 5 for most of the three months.  It hurt more at first because there was more hair.  Towards the end of the trial there was much less discomfort.  I would describe the feeling as a warm elastic band being snapped on your skin.  It is a bit uncomfortable and certainly tolerable.

My second question would be, “How long does it take?”  It takes about 2 minutes for me to treat my chin area and I only do this 1x a week.  There is a very minimal time investment.  I am now ready to try other body parts.

And since April Tria has come out with limited edition colors.  Would you believe they have a teal color – perfect for PCOS! You can order here…

Any Tria questions?  Feel free to post them below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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