ASK AMY: Does Pregnitude Really Work for PCOS?

- July 22, 2012
Amy Medling, PCOS Diva founder and PCOS Health Coach

Ask Amy: Does Pregnitude really work? Tara, Chicago, IL

Amy says:  For those Divas who haven’t heard of Pregnitude yet, please read my Pregnitude post and Myo-inositol post. To answer Tara’s question, I must defer to one of the nation’s top practicing docs.  I turned to Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and PCOS Expert with the South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM) in Boca Raton, FL. He helps women struggling with infertility and PCOS on a daily basis.

Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG

Dr. Roseff is truly a pioneer in using myo-inositol as a therapy for PCOS patients. He was actually the first doctor to bring INOFOLIC or Pregnitude (it is called INOFOLIC in Europe) to the states from Italy to use in practice 3 years ago. Dr. Roseff told me has been thrilled with the results.

” Giving PCOS patients Pregnitude helps to replace the necessary deficient nutrient and can improve insulin resistance.  I have also seen improved ovarian function, improved ovulation frequency and it promotes menstrual cycle regularity.  My protocol is for women to try Pregnitude first, before Clomid, because my experience has been that women on Pregnitude ovulate as frequently as patients taking Clomid but without the troublesome side effects like moodiness.”

Dr. Roseff also specializes in IVF.  He finds that women who may not be able to afford multiple IVF cycles, go on to take Pregnitude and then often get pregnant on their own. He also explained that, “My IVF patients have significantly better quality eggs and embryos after taking Pregnitude.”

Dr. Roseff has also found that Pregnitude improves insulin-resistance, as well as metformin, in women with PCOS.  This is great news for women like me who just can’t tolerate metformin.  He anecdotally also revealed that many women on Pregnitude see a reduction in acne and hirtuism, as well as, experience more stable moods and less anxiety.

The dosage he prescribes is 1 dose of Pregnitude 2x a day.  He finds that 99% of his patients tolerate Pregnitude just fine and the few that may have some slight gastrointestinal issues find that if they decrease the dose to 1x a day for a week and then try to return to twice per day thereafter, the issues resolve.

When I asked Dr. Roseff if he would recommend Pregnitude as a first line therapy for PCOS, he said, “Yes, but it needs to be in conjunction with diet and lifestyle modification.  There is no magic pill for PCOS.”

(I just want to state for the record, that neither Dr. Roseff, nor I, receive monetary incentive from Everett Labs the distributors of Pregnitude in the U.S.,  for any Pregnitude sales.)

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